I got a bunch of pictures from Segundo and need help IDing the 

Time, Place, History Of and/or Person for the following pics!




1   In number "1" the first guy is Leroy Hernandez, next is Hank Hernandez, and last is Tim Gomez . 

2   Howard AFB, Panama, circa 1983, I believe.  Comfy Levi deployment
I believe this was Espy's last AMS sortie.  Left to Right: Ramiro Sosa (drinking from the bottle), Segundo Espinoza (black AMS cap), Andy Carrillo (blue cap), [not sure who the blond-haired person is behind Andy, but it may be the Gil Stockton guy referenced in photo #9], Rico Vasquez (red cap, in the background) [I believe], Jerry Stevens (blue flight cap), and Julio Laboy (far right).

3   Front row: R Elizondo, M Guerra, G Marquez, G Briones, E Perez, D Boehme
Second Row: S Stoner, P Ronza, L Anthony, C Lawson, T Tulp, R Martinez
Back Row: J Nadal, C Townsend, Capt Bagby (DOR), J Roman, J Stevens, T
Donovan, and J Shultz


Picture was taken in celebration of Chuck Lawson's last day at work, May
1979.  This was all of the MKs in the building at that time, the only ones
not pictured are Jimmy Bell, Woody, and Frank Beale.  It was just before the
ouster of Somoza--little did we know how much we'd be flying starting next
4   Espy's "sin cojones" or "C O JONES" flight suit name tag.


6   Rico Vasquez, Jorge Colon, Espy, BR '97 (1st one in San Antonio)

7   Segundo Espinoza with some UI female companionship, early 80's? 

8   Ramiro Sosa and Segundo Espinoza, early 80's?, probably the Ancon Inn or the Relax down in Panama.  

9   Number 9 the guy poking his head into the door is Gil Stockton. Gil was a Serb or something like that from Fort Meade. He was semi-fluent in Spanish so he was "volunteered" to go to Panama and sit a plop rack. I believe those rooms are the third floor of one of the buildings at Howard (over the post office).    Panama, early 80's, above the NCO club.  Andy Carrillo, blue short, near the door.  Elliot Lopez-Sanchez, lower left-hand
corner, in the white v-neck shirt.  Ramiro Sosa strumming the guitar,
and Segundo Espinoza, far right.

10  No idea.  Looks like the same ones in photos #5 and #7.
11   Hank Hernandez with Espy...this may have been in '79, too, when Hank was TDY to Omaha from Key West.

12   Same as pix #11

13   UI trio of "vatos", Panama, circa 1982, heading down the road to Vera Cruz beach, off the back-side of Howard AFB.

14   Panama, probably the Relax or Ancon Inn, circa 1982.  George Marquez, Lee Anthony, and Segundo Espinoza.

15   Probably Panama, circa 1982.  Don't know, can determine who are the two on the left (Gil Stockton?), but Segundo Espinoza and Rico Vasquez are on the right.
16   I believe this is another photo of the crew departing the aircraft, from photo #2.

17   No idea.  Espy is on the far left.

18   Looks like Offutt AFB, 6949th Ops Floor, circa 1981-2.  Segundo Espinoza in the middle.  God, I remember those old AG-22 machines.  Black guy in the foreground is "Sugar" Wray, a 207x1.

19   Probably Offutt area, circa 1981.  Lee Anthony and George Marquez.
20   No idea.  Espy on the left, hugging some UI individual.  Looks like one of the guys in the #17 photo.

21   Same as photos 16 and 2.  Espy in walking towards the camera, and doesn't know that he's about to be doused. 

22   Offutt area, circa 1981.  L-to-R:  L Anthony, R Vasquez, Espy, J Ramos, J Nadal, J Laboy

23   Offutt, bus ride from the plane (most likely).  Several you can't see, but I recognize some
Joe Roman and Espy in the front
Tom Price (205) is behind Espy
CMSgt "Combat Ron" Davey in the row behind Price
Along the back row is G Briones, Yoyo Marquez, and Chuck Lawson
24  Rosendo Martinez and his wife, Jeri

25   I looked at the one number "25" and ID'd the following:
Left to Right - A young Lee Anthony , Jimmy Nadal, Espy, Joe Ramos, Rico Vasquez (The famous IRA member Rueben O'Vasquez in disguise), This one is either Abimael Guzman or a young Jerry Garcia, and the muy famoso Julio "boom-boom" Laboy.



27   Looks like Offutt tarmac.  I can't make out any antennas on the -130, so I'd say that it is just a C-130 and a KC-135 Tanker.  No guess on the date or time.
28   Senior Troupe set up.  Possibly at Offutt, circa 1986?  Don't know the place and date for sure.
29  Shultz, Stoner, Briones, and Yoyo boarding the plane after a bag drag

30   Obviously, a mock-up, claim-to-fame, photo board of the C-130E/H Senior Scout platform


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