Don't know you, but have been enjoying all the BS going back & forth.  I didn't make the last reunion but
I'm going to try hard to make the next.  Now here's a "real war story".

     How would you have liked to be one of the first 3 "true gringos" to fly with the Beaners.  Myself & 2 other E-4s were the first non-native speakers to ever fly on the old 130s.  We were the first of the first Monterey (language school ) class to hit the airborne unit.

This was back in the "dark ages"; I got to MacDill in Jan 1968.  I can remember babysitting Eliot's kids &
when I first met Senor Colon he was an E-5.  Some of the lessons I learned from them about training I used with my E-3 students when I was an instructor weapons director & still use today with my high school students. Come to think of it, I probably never would have finished my degree & gotten my commission if it had not been for Ace, Jorge, Eliot, & Tab Fernandez.

Cheers,  Johnnie 



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