Words of Wisdom from Trout (Talk about an Oxymoron)

In 1983 while I was in Panama hanging out at a fine drinking establishment known as the Ancon Inn, a young MSgt Segundo "Espi" Espinoza took me and young A1C Efrain Camacho by the arm, looked us square in the face, and said "You guys are the future of the Air Force, don't F**k up!"

Within a month both Camacho and myself had Article 15's, me for getting drunk and missing a flight in Antigua and Camacho for a DUI at Offutt.  I am sharing this story with you so that you might learn from it. 

The things that I learned from this episode are as follows:
1.  Always listen to Espy
2.  If Espy ever gives you the Future of the Air Force speech, quit drinking
3.  In the immortal words of Lee Anthony "If you can't keep up with the big dogs, stay on the porch!"
4.  Don't drink and drive (or fly for that matter)
5.  If you do drink prior to a flight, don't decide it's OK to take a nap!!!!

Hope this helps some of you young guns out.



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