As I sit in my house today admiring my wife and kids, all of the lights, gifts, special services and friends, I can't help but think back to the last few years and Operation Denied Holiday. It is hard to believe there are young men and women out in the field busting their humps so that I may enjoy the holidays with my family. I spent a few years straight in the field with Bubba and Luz lighting up a Cuban after our Christmas flight trying my hardest to become callous to the holidays. I don't think the holidays will ever mean the same to me. I watched B-1s and B-52s light up the sky on Christmas last year. I heard a young man on the radio who was scared for his life and the lives of his fellow soldiers. I said a prayer last night hoping I could make it through the week so I could watch my children's faces as they sat at the table for a family meal and opened their presents and called all of their friends to tell them of their good fortune.

As you sit as a family tomorrow say a brief prayer for all of those who will fly, patrol and ultimately miss their families so that we may enjoy ours. Thank all of you who have been my family when we were away and helped me make it through the times when someone was determined to make it suck worse.

Take Care of yourselves and your families.

Merry Christmas from

The Smith Family

25 December 2002


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