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Think I can get my jacket like this?

7.jpg (347977 bytes)

Scott and Pepito in Paraguay 

Scott.jpg (62233 bytes)

A Senior Scout Crew

crew.jpg (134073 bytes)

Motley Crew

crew4.jpg (137065 bytes)

Anyone recognize this?

ac-47.jpg (88301 bytes)

Reforger crew!    Click HERE for information on the crew!

Reforg2.jpg (1339837 bytes)

This one is of the 6933d receiving the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal April 10, 1990.

Medal.jpg (72486 bytes)

A pic the Big One, the Conflict to end all Conflicts, Desert Storm!

CREW2.JPG (103759 bytes)

A note from John Armintrout   "Figures... Brad is the only one in blues... fits his new job as Chief Buttlicker to ACC!!!  Another thing; is this really a gathering of AMS's or is it a  Hair Club for Men meeting???  Should we have that many AMS's in one group?? One grenade could take them all out and that would be a severe blow to our national security!!!  Espy, you better start brushing up your AMS skills;  we may have to call you back to active  duty if these guys get fragged.  Seriously though, there are a lot of hours of flying in that group.  Actually brought back a lot of memories just looking at those smiling faces."

ams.jpg (148540 bytes)

Lee (with hair!) and a couple of other cornerstones of the MK community

Anthony2.jpg (653932 bytes)

ESS Crew!

ESSCREW.JPG (562789 bytes)

MKs in the Desert! 

mkz.gif (342402 bytes)

MKs in the Desert-Redux!

mkz2.jpg (69774 bytes)

A shot from New Panama.     

1st Row - Ryan Rider, Ed Warfield, Grady Powell
2nd Row - Ted Horneker, Capt Mitch Hall, Al Cazares, Tony Castera, Lee Anthony, Skippy Littlefield, Zack Smith
3rd Row - Dave Anderson, New 169th X2A, Scott Loveless, Mark "Beaker" Allred, Conrad Caldwell, Scott Forman  Who are the last two?

Crewparty.jpg (65296 bytes)

Mark.  He looks kinda small he, don't he?

Mark1.gif (18220 bytes)

Hector Romero, Ivey Cruz, Luis as a youngster...and a special guest appearance by Gary Fellenz in his life before Lockheed!

Aircrew - Wagon Wheel 1984.jpg (281172 bytes)

Juan Flores finally got his 15 minutes of fame

Juanmagazine.jpg (178992 bytes)

These were taken at Domingo's hail and farewell
pic #1 has some of Florida's finest
  standing - John Jones, Domingo Rivera, Pepito Figueroa, Alonzo Echeverri, Eddie Negron
  kneeling - Shane Kimmett, Ted Gambogi, Mark Adams
pic #2 is Domingo and Cynthia Rivera

May28$16.JPG (82054 bytes)  May28$15.JPG (92644 bytes)

Trout, Sue, and Eddie

sue.jpg (174720 bytes)

Latest from Scout (Donated by Lonny Frye)

ScoutGp1.jpg (261390 bytes) 

In the first picture, from left to right:

1.     Meagan Kimble (169IS/CSO)
2.     Doug Neel (169IS/AA/AMS trainee)
3.     Ben Neely (169IS/X1N2)
4.     Tom Depuy (OLDU 67IOG/AMS -- MK/MR)
5.     Mike Castleton (169IS/MK -- ANG's Red Erwin Award Winner for 2000)
6.     Scott Forman (169IS/MK/AA trainee)
7.     Amber Ickes (169IS/MK)
8.     Mark Allred (169IS/MK)
9.     Scott Loveless (169IS/MK)
10.     Eduardo "Lalo" Alderete (169IS/MK)
11.     Drew Andrews (HQ AIA/IG/MR)
12.     Jason Hopper (97 IS)
13.     Eddie Arroyo (67IOW/DOV/MK/AA)
14.     Lonny Frye (67IOG/MK -- I can do four ports at a time, he da man)

 What a great crew, them and the folks that came after.  Of course I can't go
into details, but this crew did get an "end game" on this deployment.  SIERRA

  SLCScout.jpg (235990 bytes)

In the second pic, I can see Tom DePuy describing the final moments of his last ACE back in The 'Nam.  "... There I was, flying out of the sun ..."

Corse, it could just be me, but the guy he is talking to could really seem to give a flying f***



Bill Polk found this picture in amongst his photos...shows the racks in Panama...with Bill, Jeff Carl (with the Boom Box), and I THINK that's Phil Angelo with the beer, though not positive.   I DO believe this is supposed to show our version of a "late shift" at the 6933rd.



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