Ah, c’mon Juan?!  But, we go way back!  Think of all the good times we had in tech school.  Remember when we first met?  Boy were you pissed.

  That’s right, folks.  Me and Juan Flores… went to tech school together, worked on the RJ simulator developing MK material for the students.  Well… SMSgt Spencer asked me to hook it up.  But, since Juan, “wasn’t doing anything” Spencer asked him to come over and help.  Haha!  See?  I bet you thought I’d forgotten.

  As the story went, I was pushing buttons like a monkey who really didn’t like buttons because the rack was running so smoothly.  Then, Spencer came in and said, “Jim, this is TSgt Flores.  I’m sure he can probably be of some assistance.”  So, Juan sat down behind me and didn’t really say anything worth mentioning.  I kinda glanced back once or twice at this big, strangely quiet man and he stood up and left in less than five minutes.  Man, he really looked friggin’ pissed and I knew that him and Spencer didn’t get along.

  He should’ve known that he’d have to pass SMSgt Spencer’s office to get out the door because he came back in with him after what must’ve been a two minute butt-chewing frenzy and said, “Jim, TSgt Flores has been doing this for a while so why don’t you let him do the typing.”  That guy always was really smooth.  Well, I could see that Spencer really wanted to get him gainfully employed so I gave him the rack.  I should’ve known, though…  He started typing and pulling stuff outta… well… let’s just say that it obviously wasn’t in the material.  He started typing facts and figures from God knows where.  I asked, “How do you figure that?”  “Because <xyz>”, he says.  Hmmph.

  Well, I didn’t want to get him in worse with his boss and I was just passing through anyway.  So, ya know… I figured we’d just leave it there and QC would take care of it.  Besides, those Tech’s are practically has-been’s anyway.

  Juan, if you won’t part with my RMO, it must be pretty special since it’s been my opsine for now on to thirteen years and I’ve always used it.  At least do me this much.  Leave it to me in your will, okay?  Considering how far back we go together, I can wait that long  J


  Best Regards,  



You got that story all kinds of wrong, Bebeaqua.  First of all, I never worked for Spency Intense. He called up and asked me to help you out because you were working on some traffic between classes, I believe. Second, he never said a word to me other than to ask me why I was leaving and I told him that I was watching a complete idiot trying to understand the Spanish language and traffic, which I was at the time.  Not anymore, buddy, I've seen your work.  And lastly, the reason you couldn't understand what it was I was putting on the monitor was most likely because it was in Spanish.  Spency and I had a good working relationship and I was doing him a favor and you didn't have clue one as to what you were working with.  BTW, I was a Staff at the time.

Didn't earn yourself any brownie points in the "coin" department with that story, brother! Take care and it's good to see you on the Opscomm again.


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