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Welcome to the Beaner Banner!

Welcome to our site!    

This website has been created in order pass on the rich heritage that we, as Spanish Linguists, share.   We have a history going all the way back to the early 60's with Ops flying on the original RJs.   If Scout or Levi flew, we were there, or we trained some lesser language (re: MA's) how to use our beloved platform.   In any event, we invite you to browse this site.  

Please pass on any comments to the Webmaster.


The Beaner OPSCOMM is the informal chatter circuit for the Association of Spanish Flyers. Membership is restricted to those who have been USAF airborne Spanish linguists or those who have made a significant contribution to that mission, in the eyes of the Comiteros.  


Go to this link to join our OPSCOMM http://ohno.mrbill.net/mailman/listinfo/beaner-opscomm

PS  It helps if you include your name.  :)

Click here for an application to join the Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA)


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