Billy Polk, maybe you'll remember this....


When I first came back in the Air Force in June 87, got sent to the 33d and assigned to work for Billy Polk and Dave Snyder in DOA.  Whenever the bird was up, every hour on the hour without fail, Wu would come into DOA and tell me, "Juan, need you to get on the Opscomm and get ahold of the States and find out where the plane is."  So I'd do as told.  Every mission, every hour on the hour.  

This went on for a few months and one day, lo and behold, Wu is flying (and Billy Polk is the AA) so there was no one to come ask me for the plane's location.  I got on the Opscomm and got ahold of the SA boys and told them to pass on to Billy that I wanted him to ask Wu if he needed an aircraft location, I could get it for him.


Don't remember Wu ever asking me for locations ever again....


de Juan Flores



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