These excerpts are taken from the Opscomm

Hey, Eddie, I don't think you were on the Opscomm at the time, but I told the story some time back about when you and Mari went home for Christmas and left me and Smelser in your house.  I don't think we ever told you ALL the details, (not that I can remember most of them)  but I do remember the we gave Geniece McPeak 50 bucks apiece to clean the house before you guys got back, and Dennis went out and bought a microwave and left it on the kitchen counter just so Mari wouldn't be too mad.  That was the time that Dennis tried to take the tree down, and got so frustrated with trying to detach the thousands of little ornaments that Mari had on it that he finally just lost it and tossed the tree out the second-floor window.  I think I made him go outside and take most of the decorations off before the trash men came around. Good times, good times.........  

Vernon A. Lee

Mari and I still tell the story as probably the dumbest thing we ever did in the Air Force. 

The way we remember it is like this:  We had no plans to go home on vacation that particular XMAS.  As things turned out, I broke my collarbone in a basketball game and was discarded to the corner because of my inability to fly with just one good arm.  It was hard enough to spin dials, change tape, hand scan, and keep Ted Hornecker awake with two good arms, pero eso son otros 20 pesos. 

Back to the story, Mari and I found ourselves with all this time in our hands so we decided to come home for 30 days, and since I couldn't fly, nobody seem to care all that much.  Due to the lack of planning, we had already bought and decorated the tree, so in our naiveté, we figured leaving someone in the house would probably save the government some bucks by preventing a major fire in housing.  What with the three miles Mari had put on the biggest XMAS tree she could find.  I'll never forget her expression when we returned and we found the tree thrown in the yard with some ornaments still on them.  The rumor was that Smelser spent four days just trying to untangle the lights from the branches, by the time he got to the 3,000 ornaments, he was pretty frustrated.  I also remember walking into the unit upon my return, and Smelser and you (Vernon Lee) scattering all over the place and avoiding me like I had the plague or something. 

Eventually I started hearing the stories about how my house turned into an extension of Calle J.  Stacks of empty beer cans and bottles in every corner, trash all over the place, if I remember correctly, the dinning table even had a huge curve in the middle from all the dancing that occurred on top of it.  It seems the table was used as center stage for all the exotic dancers that celebrated the XMAS season in housing at Howard AFB!  Talk about the good all times!


Eddie Rolon

Well, I can't defend myself because the whole 30 days was a blur, but I do recall that we had to go to the BX and buy paper plates and cups after we had used literally every plate, saucer, glass, cup, roasting pan, butter dish, and serving platter in the house.  I will say one thing about Smelser, though.  He had all the dirty dishes stacked neatly in the sink.  In fact, I think we had to use the bathroom water because we couldn't use the kitchen faucet without disturbing the carefully-piled stack.  (I imagine Geniece washed those, too).  So, Eddie, if you ever want to go on like a 30-day cruise or anything, just give me a call.  I'd be glad to house-sit for you!
Oh, and I hate to tell you this, but that huge curve in the middle of the dining room table wasn't from dancing on it.........!!!

Vernon A. Lee


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