Halloween 92
Offutt Hail n Farewell



Jerry Stevens/ Rosendo Martinez

  Think that's Sandoval (enlisted in 1948) and Bob Garcia seated

   I'm sure you all remember this!!!

These 3 mayates are left to right, Jimmy Bell, John Shultz, Eliot Lopez, circa 1980

  Manny Guerra, Gerardo Briones, Eliot Lopez, Segundo Espinoza, and Lee Anthony

  These borrachones are, left to right, Rico Vasquez, Espy standing talking to Roland Blaise, Sandy Marrufo,  Lee Anthony, Eliot Lopez, and "world-wide" Arthur Wayne Woody.. Shultz and Jimmy ding dong peeking from the corner.

  Is this a social commentary?

Joey, Sam Nava, and Scotty Harris on scooters in Key West.  Senior Scoot? 

Pics of Bill Polk and Lee Anthony doin what comes naturally!


Lee's singin pardner before Billy P.  Fred Kerzic .... I mean Doug Kleist!

These two are of Jim Rolfes and Maj Roman at a 33d party.  Hey Jim, why the glare in these pics? 


   Nice pic from Lee of the Memorial with an RC as a backdrop

  Some pics from Col Strotman .. can you name the MK?

  And can you tell which picture is antes de "Don't ask don't tell?"

Some pics Bradley J. took in Panama!


Some OLD beach pics from Panama.


1st one is Dave MdA wishing Henry Neufeld was around so he could have some intelligent conversation.  #2 is Pete "PP" Ronza, at Offutt circa 1982,  #3 is "Danny Vargas" in Panama, circa 1987,  #4 PanaCrew!  #5 Rosendo Martinez!


Christmas 99 ... and  and   

Joey and family

Eddie and Joey


Domingo's Re-enlistment     




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